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Services: West Michigan Bankruptcy Clinic in Muskegon, MI

West Michigan Bankruptcy Clinic, based in Muskegon, Michigan, provides a bankruptcy attorney for consumers who are seeking debt relief. Our law firm has extensive experience in bankruptcy and in family law matters.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services

This is a traditional bankruptcy that wipes out debt. During the bankruptcy process, you can keep some property. This helps you get rid of debt, it stops collectors from calling, and it helps you get back on the right track.

Most people qualify for chapter 7. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us so that we can explore the best options for you financially.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Services

This is a type of bankruptcy where you can actually pay back the creditors while still being protected by the bankruptcy court. This can save your home from a mortgage or tax foreclosure, save you from having your car repossessed, and it stops most interest charges on credit card debt.

You can make a payment plan based on your budget. Chapter 13 stops collection agencies from coming after you with legal recourse.

Family Law

Our law firm handles all areas of family law including custody disputes and divorce. We offer post judgment modifications for post custody time. Unmarried parents can turn to us when fighting for custody. Schedule a no cost consultation with our litigation experts today.
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Contact us today in Muskegon, Michigan for aggressive representation from a bankruptcy attorney or family law attorney.